Seabed survey and mapping

The survey and mapping of the seabed, therefore the scanning and subsequent graphic rendering, are techniques used to investigate and digitally acquire the morphology of the seabed. These seabeds can be oceanic, marine, lake and river. Underwater prospecting is carried out with Multibeam, Sub Bottom Profiler, Side Scan Sonar etc… Technologies that allow the seabed to be mapped and therefore to identify ships, submerged structures and any other element present. They are usually used before carrying out the actual underwater work, be it recovery or even just inspection. Likewise, these investigation methodologies are useful both during the construction site and once the work is completed. They are of great support to underwater work, as they allow an overall view of the area.

Archaeological explorations

Drafinsub has established a fruitful collaboration consolidated over the years with companies specialized in the underwater archeology sector. The company provides technical assistance and logistical support for every type of need. Our Commercial Divers have proven experience in the field of underwater archaeological sites.

Hydrographic studies and Geophysical Surveys in the civil sector

Hydrographic studies and Geophysical Surveys are essential in Harbor Projects and Construction, to gain essential data for strategic harbor planning and construction, laying a solid foundation for maritime operations.

We can provide Coastal Studies and Exploration, to navigate coastal complexities confidently with our detailed surveys, providing crucial information for safe and efficient operations and Submarine Cable and Pipeline Planning and Construction and Surveys that can contribute to the success of submarine cable and pipeline projects, covering everything from route planning to construction support.

These techniques are also widely used in the archaeological field. In fact, the preventive study of the archaeological site allows us to lay the foundations for the operational organization of the actual underwater archaeological campaign. This is to optimize costs, means, equipment and personnel.

Drafinsub has long experience in studying seabed morphology on civil construction sites. In fact, the dedicated technical office deals with the design and study of the site for laying pipes, but also with other underwater works such as interventions on docks, maintenance of dams, etc. In the same way, it carries out surveys of trench excavation, for example of pipelines , monitoring during construction and surveys with as-built graphic representation of the launched and flanged lines.

Underwater prospecting with Multibeam, Sub Bottom Profiler, Side Scan Sonar, Laser Scanner Static and Mobile Technique

These technologies can therefore be applied in different working environments. Drafinsub is able to carry out any survey activity, responding promptly to every customer need, from the design phase to the checks during construction, to the final as built phase.

For further information on our activity: Search and Recovery of Sunken Vessels

Pre and Post Survey on Submarine Pipeline and Cable Installation Sites

Pre- and post-launch investigations of pipelines and submarine cables. Surveys of the spans and checks of the undergrounding through the use of dedicated equipment such as: Cable and Pipe Trackers, Profiling Sonar, Magnetometers and other dedicated sensors. Underwater gravity cameras in both color and black and white equipped with Pan & Tilt systems. Such investigations can also be conducted by R.O.V. (Remotly Operated Vehicle) belonging to the following intervention classes: eyeball, medium work class, work class