Surface Supplied Air Diving Operations and Services

Drafinsub’s history in inshore diving and marine services spans on over 50 years of dedication and passion that brought us to the modern offer of Surface Supplied Air Diving Operations and Services.

We have evolved hand in hand with technology, following the development of technique with passion, and always adapting to the highest industry standards. From the early stages we offer our services to support civil works and shipowners in the Port of Genova (at the time the biggest port in Europe), but today we offer a wide range of Surface Supplied Air Diving Operations and Services, not limited to harbour works, in Italy and abroad.

Our wide experience makes us the perfect partner for the most demanding customers, that can rely on us for any aspects, from the planning phase of the project to the conclusion of the “turnkey” job.

With our twin LARS diving spreads, Scuba Replacement Units (SRU) and Hyperbaric Chambers we can quickly mobilize and safely operate up to 50m almost anywhere in the world in 72 hours.

Our IMCA qualified personnel operates following the highest industry standards and best practices, to fully met, at any time, the requirements of our Clients.

Focus on the Goal

Depending on the project-specific requirements, our Diving Specialist can plan to operate with Air or Nitrox, to increase Diver’s safety and optimize decompression time.

Decompression can be modulated as well to best suit any condition, and can be performed either in-water or on surface inside one of our fully-featured and constantly-maintained decompression chambers.

What we do

Our Surface Supplied Air Diving Operations and Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Inspections – IWS and CND/NDT of dry, submerged and semi-submerged structures, inshore and offshore;
  • Underwater Search and Recovery;
  • Underwater Construction Works, including welded and flanged underwater pipelines, inshore and offshore;
  • Shipowner’s Services for Ships and Yachts;
  • Maritime and Underwater Services;
  • Interventions in Confined Spaces;
  • Clearance of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO).