Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) Operations and Services

DRAFINSUB is your trusted partner for Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) services, providing cutting-edge solutions for underwater exploration, inspection, and intervention. Our ROV services are designed to meet the diverse needs of industries such as offshore energy, marine construction, environmental monitoring, and more.

Our ROV Services

  1. Underwater Inspection and Surveys
    Our ROVs are equipped with advanced imaging systems, enabling detailed inspections of subsea structures, pipelines, and installations. Whether it’s assessing the condition of assets or conducting routine inspections, we deliver high-resolution visual data with precision.
  2. Subsea Infrastructure Maintenance
    DRAFINSUB ROVs are adept at performing maintenance tasks on subsea infrastructure. rom cleaning and monitoring to minor repairs, our remotely operated vehicles ensure the integrity and efficiency of underwater installations.
  3. Pipeline and Cable Tracking
    Navigate the intricate network of subsea pipelines and cables with confidence. Our ROV services include tracking, inspection, and maintenance of underwater pipelines and cables, contributing to the reliability and safety of your operations.
  4. Search and Recovery Operations
    In challenging underwater environments, our ROVs excel in search and recovery missions. Whether it’s retrieving lost equipment or assisting in emergency situations, our team is ready to deploy our remotely operated vehicles with precision.