Topographic and Geodetic Surveys

Creation of Reference Networks

Determination of geodetic reference points both on land and on offshore structures, created using both traditional and satellite technologies. Determination of networks in different coordinate systems.

Topographic surveys with satellite systems

GPS surveys with differential (DGPS) and kinematic (RTK) methods, for sub-metric and centimeter determinations in real time. Cartographic processing also returned on magnetic support in standard and special formats.

Subsea Terrain Mapping: to capture detailed information about the underwater landscape, particularly beneficial for offshore projects like oil and gas exploration.

Pipeline and Cable Routing: our advanced offshore topographic surveys can be utilized to ensure the optimal routing of pipelines and cables beneath the seabed.

Topography Applied to Marine and Civil Engineering

Topographic surveys, leveling and plans for the realization of civil engineering projects in both terrestrial and marine environments.

Cartography and Territorial Geographic Information Services

Thematic cartography applied to onshore and offshore engineering and studies on the coastal environment: trend of isobaths, technical profiles of the seabed, geological sections, trend of isochronopaches, special representations including 3D and sonar images.
Software dedicated to specific applications for “Route Survey”, fully interactive systems for processing, editing and plotting. Data processing and cartography production, post-processing with DTM creation. Analysis and processing of hydrographic, geophysical and oceanographic data. Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS); rasterization and georeferencing of images. Delivery of data on magnetic support in a format compatible with the customer’s needs, e.g. data in digital format combined with a suitable two- and three-dimensional modeling program.

Aerophotogrammetry and Underwater Photogrammetry

Creation and management of digital cartography projects from aerophotos.
Creation of surveillance, reinforcement and reconnaissance networks.

Creation and management of underwater photogrammetry projects conducted by remotely controlled vehicles.