shallow water diver

Marine and Ground Mine clearance

Drafinsub is specialized in the mine clearance field, for both ground and marine ordnance, and operates with the authorization of the Ministero della Difesa and of the various certifications and the respective bodies of competence.

A wide range of action that includes inland waters such as canals, rivers and lakes.

Activities and methodologies

  • Surface Remediation (-1.2 m depth/below the sea bed)
  • Remediation in depth through excavation with auger (-10 m depth/below sea bed)
  • Assistance for the remediation preparatory excavations
  • Dredging of lakes, lagoons and channels

Recently, Drafinsub has acquired the required specialization in order to execute ordnance remediation up to a depth of 200 meters with BCM (Reclamation Minefields) specialized commercial divers and up to 300 meters with ROV (Remote Operated Veicle).

All these operations are planned and executed with the highest level of safety and professionalism in the market and are made in compliance with the UNI 11366 “Safety and health protection in diving and hyperbaric professional in the service industry”.