Inspections – IWS and CND/NDT

Non Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing (NDT), are methodologies that can be applied both underwater and out of water. As their name suggests, these methods investigate the material without altering its integrity. Sometimes NDTs, especially in the case of complex structures, are complementary to each other, as different materials can coexist on the same element/structure or we can have the same material with different characteristics (for example thickness or type of welding), and for this can be necessary to apply more techniques to have a complete picture.

Drafinsub has qualified staff who have Second Level NDT certification for: “ultrasonic”, ”visual”, ”magnetic” and “ liquid penetrant” methods, according to UNI and SNT standards.

Drafinsub oiffers the following Non Destructive Testing services:

  • Ultrasonic welding control – UT
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement – UT Thickness
  • Cathodic potential control – CP
  • Flooded Member – FMI
  • Magnetoscopy – MT
  • Liquid penetrant – PT
  • Visual – VT

Non-destructive testing with ROV

Visual checks, corrosion checks, efficiency of cathodic protections, thickness control, weld tightness tests (M.P.I. technique), endoscopic surveys of submerged structures, visual inspections of cables and pipes during installation. Inspections in port basins, dams and submerged protective barriers.