Engineering and Design Service Department

Our inner Drafinsub Engineering and Design Service Department is a vital part of our infrastructure.

Thanks to our built-in department, we can deliver a full range of services such as:

  • early concept and design;
  • engineering;
  • procurement;
  • construction and installation (EPCI);

for both our own working equipment and structures needed to complete projects, as well as for Client’s requests.

Drafinsub’s engineering services and enabling technologies protect the integrity and optimise the performance of subsea infrastructure. This ensures safer, more sustainable and more economic subsea operations throughout the life cycle of the field.

Our skilled teams can define and deliver the right architecture solutions to enhance values in the field development process, bringing together the right disciplines to define and optimise the subsea system.

The Engineering and Design Service Department engineers titles range goes from Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering to Aerospace Engineering, including Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering too. Therefore the challenge of adapting and customizing our equipment to the needs of the Client and / or the requests of each Project can be undertaken in a professional and effective way.

In conclusion, Drafinsub Engineering and Design Service Department can assist you in a wide range of scenarios. Above all, we can offer tailored services to all your enginerering needs.

From the modelling of a pontoon equipped with everything necessary for the operations to be carried out at the Mosul Dam (Iraq), to the design of a system capable of installing a geomembrane to protect the upstream part of a dam, passing through the study of the structural integrity, stability and seafastening of a DP vessel for offshore operations.