Diving Systems Management and Operation

Drafinsub provides, among its range of inshore and offshore diving services, experienced and industry leading Diving Systems Management and Operation.

Drafinsub owns and operates two fully featured saturation diving systems: RSDS and CSDS. Our Systems allow us to offer a wide range of services including, but not limited to:

  • offshore platform structural repairs;
  • inspection services;
  • pipeline repair;
  • specialized hyperbaric and wet welding.

Our SAT Systems allow divers to undertake subsea survey, construction works, inspections, maintenance and repair up to depths of 300m. Both systems are portable with modular system components that can be effectively transported by land, sea or air.

The two SAT Systems are accompanied by versatile launch configurations minimising their required footprint area. It also makes them efficient for compact deck requirements or for installation inside buildings with limited space or challenging designs. Our systems are IMCA compliant and RINA Classed.

At Drafinsub worksites more than 20.000 manhours are spent every year for equipment maintenance, to guarantee that our Diving Systems strictly follow IMCA Code of practice for the initial and periodic examination, testing and certification of diving plant and equipment (IMCA D018).

Eng. Marco Vacchieri, Technical Department Manager.

Furthermore, Drafinsub highly experienced and skilled technicians are available to intervene on third parties equipment. We can support or lead other teams on maintanece and operating duties of hyperbaric systems, for both Diving or TBM applications.

Qualified Diving Systems Management and Operation means also that all we do is in compliance with IMCA guidelines and the industry best practices.

SAT Systems, Air Diving Spreads and all other equipment designed and used by Drafinsub strictly follow IMCA design guidances, and are maintained following industry best practices. This results in unparallel safety for our divers and exceptional reliability for our Clients.