Closed Bell / Saturation Diving Operations and Services

Thanks to more than 50 years of experience in the Diving industry Drafinsub can provide a full range of Closed Bell / Saturation Diving Operations and Services.

We can easily and quickly mobilize our IMCA compliant Modular Saturation Systems anywhere in the world,  to offer cost-effective Saturation Diving Services and Closed Bell operations carried out in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Drafinsub, with its experience in underwater activities, can meet the needs of the client with a careful and accurate selection of the best intervention methodologies based on the project-specific requirements.

Thanks to our a Saturation Diving Systems “Raffaella” and “Cheope” we can operate up to 300msw with 4, 6 or 9 divers.

Drafinsub follows all the Best Practices in the Industry and relies on high skilled IMCA qualified professionals; top quality, innovative and fully certified equipment and a network of the best and most recognized professionals and consultants available.

Our strength is our professionalism


We build our own systems and directly employee all our maintenance technicians, so we can run our PMS (Planned Maintenance System) to always keep our equipment at its best, ready to mobilize, and in compliance with all the standards we adhere to.

Our internal Technical Department can follow the client in every step of the project, and design custom solution to meet all the needs that may arise during a campaign, with no delay.

Safety is a main focus for Drafinsub, and the company’s commitment is to never compromise in this area. Health and well-being of employees and stakeholders are foundation stones of our philosophy, and we are serious about never diminishing our commitment to ensure that Drafinsub remains faithful over time to the spirit that founded it.

What we do

Our Closed Bell / Saturation Diving Operations and Services include:

  • NDT on Offshore systems
  • Pipelines installation, maintenance and repairs
  • Coating with epoxy resin
  • Multibeam Inspection of underwater systems, seabed profiler with side scan sonar
  • Cathodic Protection Services
  • ROV inspections