Stop Working Policy

In respect of Drafinsub Srl’s safety policy, all Drafinsub Srl’s employees, contractors, and participating guests are responsible for stopping work activities that are considered to be an imminent danger.

An “imminent danger” is defined as any condition or behavior that could reasonably be expected to cause death or serious injury, or environmental harm.

Whenever an employee, contractor, or participating guest encounters conditions or practices that appear to constitute an imminent danger, such individuals have the authority and responsibility to:

  • Alert the affected employee(s) or contractor(s) engaged in the unsafe work creating an imminent- danger condition and request to stop the work.
  • Notify the immediate supervisor and/or responsible division/department manager.
  • Report the incident with the appropriate module. An HSE staff will investigate.

No one shall ask to get back to work if the condition of imminent danger is still present except in particular/justified situations. A worker who, in the event of imminent danger which can not be avoided, moves away from the workplace or a dangerous area or who, unable to contact the appropriate supervisor, take measures to avoid the consequences of such danger, is protected by law unless he has committed gross negligence1.

1D.Lgs 81/08 – Articolo 44: Diritti dei lavoratori in caso di pericolo grave e immediato