Quality Policy

The quality policy issued by Management aims to follow, reach and improve over time the efficiency and strength of our organization, the quality of the service offered to our customers, the constant training policy for our employees, the definition of the annual improvement goals and knowledge of all the employees of the quality management system, compliant to the UNI EN ISO 9001.

The main goal of Drafinsub Srl is to reach, at any company’s level, full satisfaction of the customer/user, trough a constant improvement and the provision of services at highest level of quality and reliability, compliant to regulations, low e contract requirements.

The Management takes commitment to take action as active part in the promotion and leadership of all those activities that might effect the quality, informing at all levels the concepts hereby declared and supplying the resources needed in order to achieve the prefixed goals that will be periodically checked and verified.

The Management defines the following goals:

  • to ensure the respect of quality requirements, in compliance to the specific requirements
  • to maintain monitored the level of conformity of the system in respect to the related law
  • to maintain relationships with institution and community shaped on cooperation and accuracy
  • to promote and implement training programs at each level in order to optimize the growth process of the human resources
  • to support the constant improvement of all processes trough the definition of the goals, the monitoring and the verification of the reached results
  • to constantly maintain documented, implemented and updated the Quality Management System
  • to manage all processes complying the current regulations
  • to develop the required activities in compliance with contract requirements and/or applicable regulations and/or internal operational procedures
  • to identify adequate resources to be set at disposal, including qualified personnel, for the management activities, execution and verification of the work including internal Audits
  • to grant the understanding of the Quality Policy through:
    • focused distribution of the documentation that describes the integrated system
    • meetings
    • training and qualification of the employees

MAN confirms the above mentioned goals and the commitment to maintain the achieved level and and for the future improvement of the same.