No Smoking Policy

Passive smoking – (breathing other people’s tobacco smoke) – has now been shown to cause lung cancer and heart disease in non-smokers, as well as many other illnesses and minor conditions.

Employers have the duty to provide a safe working environment for employees that is:

[…]safe, without risks to health, and adequate as regards facilities and arrangements for their welfare at work.”

The employer acknowledges that breathing other people’s tobaccos smoke is both a public health hazard and a welfare issue. Therefore, the following policy has been adopted concerning smoking in Drafinsub.

This smoking policy doesn’t aim to deny the personal right to smoke, but seeks to guarantee non-smokers the right to work in air free of tobacco smoke, whilst also taking account of the needs of those who smoke.

All Drafinsub premises have been designated smoke-free since 04/04/2016.

Smoking, whilst on duty, will only be allowed during official break periods, outside the buildings or in open-air areas, in order that smoke may not enter the building.

Smoking is not permitted in any closed work area.

This applies to all offices, work areas and company vehicles, whether occupied by one person, or shared by two or more.

This policy has been devised in full consultation with all of those employees who are concerned with health and safety in this workplace., and enjoys the support of the relevant representatives.

The employer will provide all members of staff with a copy of this policy upon their request while visitors and temporary staff will be informed and expected to abide by the terms of this policy.

Breaches of this policy will be subject to disciplinary procedures.

Responsibility for implementing and monitoring this policy rests with senior managers.

Twelve weeks notice will be given of any changes made to the policy. Company Doctor and health and safety representatives will be consulted in good time about any proposed change.