Health and Safety Policy

Drafinsub wants to guarantee, during its activities, the health and safety of all its personnel and of all the people that may be involved, not limiting itself to complying with the legislative requirements of health and safety, but committing to influence the rest of the industry, promoting “best practices”, and overcoming the guidelines dictated by regulatory bodies.

We are committed to consolidating the sense of responsibility of each employee in matters of health and safety, adopting constant training and updating policies.

Therefore, our health and safety policy is:

  • to guarantee to all workers involved in Drafinsub’s activities a healthy work environment and safe working conditions, in order to prevent injuries and occupational diseases;
  • comply with the requirements of the laws in force, the reference standards and the “best practices” of the sector;
  • to use an approach that focuses on security in all our decisions and activities;
  • to constantly improve our health and safety performance;
  • to continuously promote the safety of our staff both at work and outside it;
  • to respect the different cultures and the different environments in which we operate;
  • to collaborate with companies and suppliers that share our commitment to health and safety;
  • eliminate the dangers, replacing what is dangerous with what is not or less so;
  • reduce risks up to a level as low as reasonably practicable;
  • to take any potential risk, accident, accident or injury report seriously, investigating the causes and encouraging them to be reported, protecting anyone writing them in good faith;
  • to actively support an open and clear communication between Drafinsub and the public, collaborating with the scientific community, with the authors of the rules and public interest groups that research, develop and implement health and safety standards;
  • constantly improve our HSE management system.