Fatigue Management Policy

As part of Drafinsub’s overall commitment to Health and Safety of all employees, contractors and visitors, we are actively working to prevent and manage risk associated with fatigue in the workplace.

The objectives of the Drafinsub Fatigue Management Policy are to:

  • Ensure adequate rest opportunity is available for employees, contractors and visitors before commencing work, through appropriate working shift arrangement;
  • Monitor and control working hours, including overtime, to provide time arrangements that do not require excessive periods of wakefulness;
  • Identify, develop and implement a fatigue management plan with control strategies to address fatigue related risks within the workplace in consultation with the employees;
  • Provide training and education for employees, to foster a common understanding of fatigue management and to develop a culture of shared responsibility for fatigue management;
  • Implement an appropriate employee assistance program to assist in managing fatigue;
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle, both at work and at home;

Through the commitment to our Fatigue Management Policy, Drafinsub will continue towards its goal of providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, contractors and visitors.