Privacy Policy

Privacy regulation
Settled under the art. 13 d.l. Dated 30th june 2003 no. 196 named “Protections to all those persons subject to any personal data process” therefore related to all those regulation concerning the confidentiality and compliant to that duties mentioned on the above legislative decree dated 30th June 2003 nr. 196 (hereafter referred to as “Decree”), Drafinsub S.r.l. Registered office at Piazza della Vittoria 12/10 16121 Genoa, as data treatment holders, informs that all those data delivered from clients will be dealt in compliance with the below regulations.
The below information has not to be considered valid for the other website eventually entered as link of the main one.

Data communication
Once it has been sent an email to one of the addresses included into this web site, the system automatically captures the email address of the sender, and consequently also the personal data included on it, in order to allow to reply.

Management of the personal data
The personal data management, including the email address, is necessary in order to satisfy any client requirements.

Purposes, collection and application of personal data
The personal data management, including the email address, is necessary in order to full satisfy the client requirements.
The information collected from Drafinsub S.r.l. To (a) supply the requested service (b) promote the various offers to our clients and send information or promotional material concerning news, new actions and special promos dedicated to our clients.
The personal data confirmed to Drafinsub S.r.l. as result of contractual and commercial relationships, performance of contractual services, promotional activities or achieved as consequence of our activities in compliance with the contracts and regulation, are managed under the above mentioned regulations and of the privacy obligations.
Personal data management, as per art. 4, comma 1, lett. a) decree, is meanings any operation performed with or without electronically support, or anyway an automated ones, which involves the collection, recording, organization, storage, processing, modification, selection, drawing, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, development, cancellation and distribution of any information. The management is performed with/without computerise systems, with controlled access, and in compliance with the art. and 36, and provided by the Technical Regulations regarding minimum security measures.
The data are developed for commercial purposes, connected or instrumental to our Company, such as storage, processing, invoicing, customer management and, in particular, by way of example but not limited to:
a) to comply to all those legal obligations related to civil, tax, accounting, etc. rules for the purposes of administrative management of the relationship you have established with our Company;
b) to comply to the contractual obligation, technical support and information;
c) to satisfy market surveys and statistics, marketing and references related to Drafinsub S.r.l. services
d) to broadcast commercial future actions, new products, services and offers, by DRAFINSUB Srl sending e-mails and newsletters. The e-mail process will not result in any case the transfer of personal data to third parties.
Information are collected into our data base and saved in order to allow the access only to Drafinsub S.r.l. and are managed in compliance with the above mentioned purposes.
The information and data saved are held by DRAFINSUB Srl for the period of time required to comply with their legal obligations or to inform customers about its services.
In addition, the data may be used to create generic information such as the preparation of financial analysis and market research. Those information are generics therefore does not allow the identification of the subject. In any case the information will not be made public.
Information may be collected from the interested part or third parties, the processing and storage can be processed either by computer or paper, for the strictly necessary period to the purposes of the process, the data will be stored by the responsible.

Rights of interested persons
Customer, at any time, will be entitled to apply their rights against the Data Controller, as per art. 7 of legislative decree no. 196/2003, in particular is entitled to know if the company hold any personal information and also the source of those data, to verify its accuracy or request its integration or updating, or correction or cancellation, to change it as nameless or to block those information published in violation of law criteria, to object its processing for legitimate reasons, or to get any other information, contacting by email to the following email address: or writing to DRAFINSUB S.r.l., Piazza della Vittoria n. 12/10, 16121 Genova.