The new drafinsub saturation dive system “Cheope” is coming!

The development of the hyperbaric saturation system for deep water Cheope, the new jewel of Drafinsub, keeps going on.
This new system will lead to a new level the innovations already introduced in the Raffaella, as for the containerization and the high safety standards set by IMCA (D024 rev.02 July 2014) and UNI (11366 June 2010), and will introduce some new and great innovations as well.

To sum up the system with few but significant data we can say:

  • 300msw of max operational depth
  • 9 Divers hospitable
  • Dimensions of 7.5m seafront, for a length of 6m amidship

Keep in touch with us to get the lastest news about the development of Cheope!