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The ‘Garda Lake Project’ goes on.

The ‘Garda Lake Project’ goes on. Survey work for Acque Bresciane srl carried out with the ROV Falcon Seaeye. Underwater operations are continuing successfully. Divers are performing NDT (Non Destructive Testing) measurements with the Cygnus Dive ultrasonic thickness gauge. For the maintenance of the pipelines, Drafinsub is using the ‘Raffaella […]

Commercial diving on Garda Lake, New Project for Drafinsub.

Commercial diving on Garda lake, New Project. Acque Bresciane has again commissioned Drafinsub for the maintenance and the securing of Garda Lake pipeline. Raffaella Saturation System is ready for this new project. The operations will begin in March. Commercial divers will work underwater, up to the depth of 186 m. […]

Comunicato ai Dipendenti

DPCM 11 MARZO 2020 CO-VID 19A seguito dell’entrata in vigore del DPCM DEL 11 MARZO 2020, contenete misure ulteriormente restrittive rispetto al precedente DPCM 9 MARZO 2020, la policy aziendale ha subito, a sua volta, più stringenti direttive per i dipendenti e l’attuazione, in concreto di alcune ulteriori atte a […]

Time to get back home for RSDS

After the successful completion of the Job, our Sat System Raffaella is ready to come back home for some scheduled maintenance, according to our IMCA-compliant PMS. Some deserved rest for our guys and equipment, already looking forward to get ready for the new projects scheduled in summer!

Back to Egypt

After a record-setting rig-up in Cyprus, Raffaella is back to Egypt to undertake a series of spool lay-downs in shallow saturation. The job has a super-tight schedule, the weather is stable and hot and the sea is calm as it is forecast-ed to be. Another beautiful temporary office to enjoy […]

A new challange in Cyprus

A new challenge has been accepted by Drafinsub. Our Sat System Raffaella is traveling to Cyprus to undertake a new project in the Oil&Gas field. This time a super tight-schedule and hot environment will put the pressure on Us, but as always we are confident in our means and our […]