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Underwater and land UXO clearance and survey

DRAFINSUB, UXO survey and clearance in the underwater and land field. Underwater and land UXO ordnance, such as post war explosive devices.DRAFINSUB, carries out investigations in the underwater and land field. Over the years, the underwater works firm Drafinsub has implemented the explosive ordnance clearance section. UXO technicians, i.e. managers […]

The ‘Garda Lake Project’ goes on.

The ‘Garda Lake Project’ goes on. Survey work for Acque Bresciane srl carried out with the ROV Falcon Seaeye. Underwater operations are continuing successfully. Divers are performing NDT (Non Destructive Testing) measurements with the Cygnus Dive ultrasonic thickness gauge. For the maintenance of the pipelines, Drafinsub is using the ‘Raffaella […]

Commercial diving on Garda Lake, New Project for Drafinsub.

Commercial diving on Garda lake, New Project. Acque Bresciane has again commissioned Drafinsub for the maintenance and the securing of Garda Lake pipeline. Raffaella Saturation System is ready for this new project. The operations will begin in March. Commercial divers will work underwater, up to the depth of 186 m. […]