Laying of optic fiber cables

Genoa is the new European hub for optic fibers. This is the fact that the last two years of Drafinsub experience in assisting with the laying of submarine cables reflect on balance.

In the last two years, in fact, we have been involved in the laying of various fiber lines, which from the Genoese coast connect the continent to Sicily and Africa, as part of the constant expansion of national and international backbones which need to adapt to keep the pace of the constant increase in the need for high-speed data exchange with low latency rates.

Drafinsub provided logistical and operational support in the laying of optic fiber cables for the 2Africa and BlueMed projects, providing assistance in the preparation of the land areas, monitoring the seabed and carrying out inspections of the laying lines, carrying out preparatory operations for the laydown, such as removal of obstacles and creation of bypasses of existing lines, as well as the essential assistance service during the laying of cables and their insertion into the beach-man-holes or bellmouths on the headwalls, as the case may be.

There was no shortage of the usual post laydown consolidation operations, such as positioning the cable protection shells and post-trenching in the seabed.

In recent years, the laying of optic fiber cables has proven to be a constantly growing market, and the desire to acquire ever greater know-how in this field has allowed Drafinsub to play a primary role in this sector, becoming a reference at the national for various international partners.