The energy transition in commercial diving

The energy transition marks the passage from fossil-based energy, to zero-carbon. It is a path to transform the global energy sector. Drafinsub supports the energy transition.

Powering the energy transition is a technology-based switch from fossil fuels to renewables. A sustainable energy transition implies that future energy systems will more strongly rely on renewable energy sources. For example, among these sources, we can find solar or wind energy. The energy transition therefore, includes the transition from a system based on fossil fuels to one dominated by clean electricity. Among fossil fuels are: oil and coal. Clean electricity come from renewables. The goal to reach is to reduce energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to help meet global climate targets.

The company commitment.

Drafinsub supports this transition. The company infact, has been and is still engaged with men, means and resources. Moreover, it respects the environment through innovation and sustainability.

The areas, in which the company can operate, are many and varied. In particular, it takes part in projects in the offshore commercial diving sector.

In relation to energy transition, the company itself can perform various services, both offshore and onshore. Underwater works as the following: cables laydown and reparation, assistance to installation of wind farms, laydown of mattresses to protect cables on the seabed. Moreover: Non Destructive Testing (NDT), UXO (Unexploded) Ordnance and any kind of survey, also with ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle). Among the techniques used for the hydrographic survey are: D-GPS, Multi Beam, Side Scan Sonar.

Moreover, Drafinsub supports the energy transition also through the promotion of events and conferences. An example is the recent meeting of the ecological association Mare Amico.

For more informations about last Mare Amico meeting:

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