Raffaella Portable Saturation System

The Drafinsub Raffaella portable saturation Diving System is a complete and containerized diving facility that is designed to be adaptable to any kind of vessel. The system is 200msw rated and designed to operate in a temperature range between -10°C and 50°C. It has the
advantage to be very little in deck dimensions: when assembled its deck area is approximately 70 square meters only and with this peculiar characteristic the Raffaella can be rigged on very little support vessels.

It includes a two/three divers Diving Bell, an “A-Frame” launch and recovery system with over-the-side or moon-pool launch options, two fully independent winch systems with a main bell winch and a ballast/ recovery winch; two living chambers (a TUP/EL and a ML) for four/six divers and a Control Room. In case of emergency an Hyperbaric evacuation unit is available and ready to be deployed.

The Diving System has been built accordingly to lastest IMCA and UNI regulations.

2012-10-26 – ANSA

2012-10-26 – IL GIORNALE


2012-10-29 – DR.GRASS

2012-10-30 – NAUTICA

2012-11-06 – LA STAMPA

2012-26-10 – IL SECOLO XIX

2012-26-10 – LA REPUBBLICA