Mosul Dam Project

Drafisub has joined the Mosul Dam Project, Iraq, with the Raffaella Sat System. We will be involved in the “Rehabilitation of Bottom Outlet” phase, to cooperate with the SELI team. Since May 2016, Trevi is leading the Italian experts team which is working to stabilize the foundations of the Mosul […]


PROGETTO COFINANZIATO DALL’UNIONE EUROPEA                     POR FESR LIGURIA 2014-2020 – ASSE 1 “Ricerca ed Innovazione (OT1)” Bando AZIONE 1.2.4. “Supporto alla realizzazione di progetti complessi di attività di ricerca e sviluppo su poche aree tematiche di rilievo e all’applicazione di soluzioni tecnologiche funzionali alla realizzazione delle strategie di S3”.Posizione: 76 […]

Approvato il progetto Cheope

FI.L.S.E. ha comunicato in data odierna l’approvazione del progetto dal titolo “Cheope”, avviato in data 12 marzo 2015 e cofinanziato con risorse del POR FESR Liguria 2014 – 2020

Drafinsub launches its new offshore diving division in Ravenna

Drafinsub is proud to announce its new offshore diving division headquarter in Ravenna, Italy. The 21st of May this new 35000 cubic meters structure in the industrial area will be fully operational, and ready to promote our offshore activities, such air and mixed gas and saturation diving services. Broad beans, […]

Al via il progetto Cheope

In data odierna è stato avviato il progetto dal titolo “Cheope”, per la realizzazione del quale è stato richiesto un cofinanziamento con risorse del POR FESR Liguria 2014 – 2020

A new step forward towards the new Cheope Saturation System

Drafinsub has completed the chambers construction for the Cheope Saturation System, under RINA surveillance. The chambers will be soon pressure-tested and delivered to our warehouse in order to begin the installation of all the related equipments. A new step forward has been taken towards the completion of our new and […]

The tests on the Raffaella sat system keep going on

Today it will be performed the functional test of our Hyperbaric Conditioning Unit inside the Main Lock. 6 divers will be pressurized for about 8 hours inside the main lock to evaluate the correct lowering level of the CO2, of the humidity and the correct environmental conditioning. This test will […]

The new drafinsub saturation dive system “Cheope” is coming!

The development of the hyperbaric saturation system for deep water Cheope, the new jewel of Drafinsub, keeps going on. This new system will lead to a new level the innovations already introduced in the Raffaella, as for the containerization and the high safety standards set by IMCA (D024 rev.02 July […]

Drafinsub goes to Egypt

Our Saturation System named Raffaella is leaving to Egypt to be assembled and positioned on the Edt Ares, the work has as purpose the construction of ten spools at the depth of ninety meters, to connect ten new gas extraction wells within the Petrobel reservoir at 45 miles from Port […]